Watsonville's #1 Diesel Truck & Engine Repair Shop

At Street Scene On & Off Road Performance in Watsonville, we excel in providing top-notch diesel truck and engine repair services. Our highly skilled and certified technicians have extensive expertise in diagnosing and resolving complex issues related to diesel vehicles. We understand the importance of keeping your diesel truck or engine in peak condition, and that's why we use only the best quality parts and advanced diagnostic tools for all repairs. Whether routine maintenance, engine overhauls, or performance enhancements, our shop is fully equipped to handle it all. With a focus on customer satisfaction, we strive to deliver reliable and efficient solutions for all your diesel needs. Call us at (831) 728-5634 to schedule an appointment today.   

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Some of the diesel engine & repair services we offer include:

  • Routine maintenance and oil changes  

  • Engine diagnostics and troubleshooting  

  • Diesel engine repairs and overhauls  

  • Turbocharger and fuel system repairs  

  • Exhaust system repairs and upgrades  

  • Performance enhancements and tuning  

  • Transmission repairs and servicing  

  • Diesel particulate filter (DPF) cleaning and regeneration  

  • Electrical system diagnostics and repairs  

  • Emission system repairs and compliance checks  

Reliable Diesel Repair at Street Scene in Watsonville

At Street Scene On & Off Road Performance in Watsonville, our highly skilled technicians provide exceptional diesel engine and diesel truck repair services. We take pride in offering comprehensive solutions, including routine maintenance, thorough engine diagnostics, precise repairs, and performance enhancements. Our state-of-the-art equipment and genuine parts guarantee that your diesel vehicle will receive the utmost care, ensuring it runs smoothly and efficiently for years to come. Trust us to keep your diesel engine or truck in top-notch condition, delivering the reliability and power you depend on. Give us a call to schedule a service today.