Wheel Alignment: Car Pulling to the Side, Time to Realign!

Misaligned wheel driving is dangerous to the sustainability of your vehicle, truck, and especially road safety. When your wheel alignment is not in place, it may feel like your car is jerking you to the side or controlling you in some sense, when the driver needs to be in complete control of the car. The problem is that a car’s wheel alignment can be knocked out of whack through daily occurrences that are common and car owners wait for a severe problem to occur before getting their trucks and cars examined when wheel alignment checks should be a part of routine maintenance.

Common Driving Situation that can cause Misalignment

There are so many common daily occurrences that a driver experiences that either collectively can progressively cause reason for misalignment or one severe contact with one occurrence can influence alignment enough for repair. Some examples of these occurrences include:

  • Driving at fast enough speeds over speed bumps intended to make you slow down
  • Coming into unexpected contact with a curb]
  • Coming into unexpected contact with road cavities / holes
  • The deterioration of car parts

Warning Signs of Misalignment

There are some key warning signings to look out for. Signs you are dealing with problematic truck or car wheel alignment include:

  • Crooked steering wheel
  • Vehicle / Truck pulling
  • Unleveled tires
  • Tire wear
  • Tire squealing

Determining how to repair the wheel alignment of a vehicle is specific to the condition, situation, and type of vehicle being examined. The type of wheel alignment your vehicle needs to be determined professionally by a mechanic. This may be dependent on the specific damage done to your vehicle. When bringing your vehicle in, depending on these factors, the mechanic may have a series of manual processes he or she goes through and then should ultimately connect the car to an alignment machine that will specify the necessary type of adjustment needed to be performed. There are three different types of wheel alignment procedures.

Wheel Alignment Procedures

If you notice any of the warning signs detailed it is important to get your car professionally examined immediately. Jumping on the situation is intellectual for safety purposes as well as financial purposes as you do not want the severity of damage to worsen. Lastly it is intellectual to jump on professional examination by a mechanic for your own personal comfort. Driving a vehicle already requires a hyper awareness of what is happening around you so you can be on the defense for uncontrolled factors that may come your way. Being able to fully control the functions of your vehicle should be the last of your concerns.